Women4Africa ‘THINK BIG’ Conference Tickets

Tickets are now available for only £20 Now (Early Bird till 14th October 2012 and £30 thereafter).

How to Pay for a Ticket:

Please make your payments directly either by

  • Paypal directly to Women4Africa using your name as reference. You may click on the Paypal link below.

    Early Bird Ticket
    Enter Your Name

    We will post out your ticket/tickets to you.

  • Payment into our Bank quoting your Full name or Business name as reference, we will post out your ticket/tickets to you.Our Bank details are:

    Women for Africa (W4A) Ltd,
    Barclays Bank,
    Account number 63231097
    Sort code 201433

    Once you have made this payment, please emailinfo@women4africa.com and a receipt will be sent to you within 3 working days.

  • Alternatively, you may call:
    • Lara on 07947914328 or
    • Ricky on 07961979566 or
    • Shola on 07805035734

    To arrange physical ticket pick ups.


Payment should be made in full always quoting your full name or Business name as reference.

If you are placing an advert in the brochure, you must ensure that your artwork is received by the date given to you.

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